Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My dog insists on peeing on my lilies. How did I figure this out? He has yellow fur from the middle part of the flowers. It gets all over him! It's kinda funny actually.
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I got my hair chopped yesterday. I was really hoping to make another donation to locks of love but it wasn't quite long enough.
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I am on vacation from work this week and next. It is like being in heaven! I went to the spa on Monday and got a massage and a pedicure! Aaaahhhh. It was so relaxing. But do you ever have that feeling as you are leaving the spa place like "shoot... back to reality"? It really stinks!
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Cattyness---> Is anyone else sick of the book reviews on the RQ website? C'mon now. If they related more to adoption I would be ok. But most of those book reviews are totally random. I don't give a crap what books are good. Just give me some China adoption news! If you don't have any then review an adoption book. She makes money off those amazon book links so I am sure that is why she does it. but it is getting really old. Make another web site for your book reviews if you like them so much.... I am through being catty. It is her blog by the way. I suppose she can do whatever the hell she likes with it. I am just being bitchy. So I will quit now.
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Just so everyone knows, we are not in a flood. Everyone else around us is but we are not. They even did a news cast on "For what were we spared?" Looking into why the Missouri river did not flood in our area. The title by the way is a reference to the book "Burned but Not Broken". The story of a man who survived a car explosion/fire in the car of a Highway Patrolman where the patrolman died. This happened in a nearby town. Back to the flood. No one really knows why we are not flooded here. But I am glad we aren't! Wow. Some places around are worse than the flood of 1993. Craziness!


Kayce said...

Totally with you on the RQ thing. Come on, if you want to write reviews on books, start another blog! I rarely go there anymore because there is no info useful to me.

Glad you are not affected by the floods, so scary!

kimmons said...

I agree about the book reviews. At least review adoption books. Really don't care about the others.

Is your dog a bulldog? I LOVE bulldogs. I'll trade you for 2 pugs who insist on peeing directly over any plant they can manage to trample flat...sigh...

Kim R.
from Caesar and Louie + 2
LID 1/27/06

redmaryjanes said...

Enjoy your time off. I agree totally with the book reviews. And my dog always pees on my hostas!

Ron said...

Enjoy your vacation! Glad to know you are not affected by the floods.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you on the RQ thing. She had a rumour about matching that was up for less than 12 hours before she wrote a HUGE review of a kid's book. I know it is her living room and all but the supposed point is the rumours. I knew when she got her referral it would change the site I guess this is how, I suppose it is better than shutting it down. I wonder if it is time for her to pass along her sources to someone else?

Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

Hi there! First, let's have it...the pic I mean. You can't announce that you chopped your hair off & then not offer a photo...we are waiting...! :o)

Yes, the book reviews on RQ are annoying. I could care less. I agree that if she must do it then they should be adoption related in some way for sure!

As you know, we love your dogs. SO CUTE! Even if they are into everything! They are not going to know what to do when Miss Mia comes home!

Hope your time off is fabulous. Any big plans?

Oh the spa! LOVE it. I got a pedi on our recent vacation & now I am addicted. I am about due for another...sounds like I will be making an appointment soon! (We should meet soon & have a spa day! I have family as you know in Fulton, so making it up your way would not be a big deal at all!)

Later Tater.

Jen P.