Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sushi Making Tutorial

I made sushi rolls for dinner last night. My husband loves them. I like them but love is a strong word! :) Anyway, a coworker of mine was asking me how I make them so I thought I would provide this demonstration!
Ingredients: Sushi rice, vinegar, sugar, water, Toasted Seaweed Paper, Toasted Sesame Seeds, cucumber strips, imitation crab meat (I like the "leg" cuts because they are in strips), avocado slices, green pepper slices, cream cheese, sushi mat, knife, big bowl, steamer

1. Steam your rice according to the directions on your steamer. I have a plug-in type steamer (plastic kind) and it takes about 35 minutes. My rice bag says combine 1-1/2 cups rice with 2 cups of water. Don't forget to rinse the rice before putting it in the steamer.
2. with a wooden spoon, empty rice in to big bowl and stir gently to loosen.
3. combine a mixture of 1 unit vinegar to 2 units water with some sugar stirred in. while "turning" your rice in the bowl sprinkle in spoonfuls of the vinegar mixture.This will flavor your rice and make it stick better. (I don't really know why you do it - just do it!) I usually add about 6 T. total.
4. Cool your rice down completely. (I stick it in the freezer for a few minutes when I am in a real hurry. but you probably aren't supposed to do that!)
5. Lay down your sushi mat flat side up.
6. Lay your seaweed paper on top.
7. Spread a thin layer of rice over the top leaving about 1/2 inch of seaweed paper at one end. If you wet your fingers before hand the rice won't stick to your fingers!!

8. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the rice (we like a lot!!)
9.Lay out your goodies at the end opposite your 1/2 inch seaweed paper end. Make sure you don't overload it or you won't be able to roll correctly.

10. Pull up the side of your sushi mat towards your veggies/meat and start to roll. You will need to push the "stuff" down and in with your fingers as you roll.

See (from the other side) how I am squeezing it all in? Roll a little bit then squeeze it tight.

You will need to lift the end of the sushi mat up as you roll so you don't roll it into your roll :) As you squeeze it, the liquid from the rice will make the seaweed paper moist so it will stick. Don't squeeze too tight though - your avocado will shoot out the end of your roll!
11. Dip your finger in water and run it across the edge of the seaweed paper with no rice on it. When you roll it completely up this will seal the edges better. (If you are really good it will seal itself but I always do this just to make sure!)

12. When you get to the end give it one more squeeze then open up your mat.

13. Cutting - in half, then half again (for a small seaweed paper) Note my technique! I always wet my knife too so that the rice doesn't stick to it.

TaDaaaa... the finished product! These are california rolls (crab meat, avocado, cucumber). With a dab of Wasabi on the side!

I also like to do cream cheese and bell pepper rolls. Here is a picture of those.

Didn't use all your avocado? Sprinkle it with lemon juice and store it in a ziplock bag in the fridge!


Ron said...

I just can't get myself to eat sushi. Doesn't look appetizing.

Thanks for the pay it forward gifts:)

Nina, David & Ariel said...

Wow. Impressive. Can you come over to our house to practice? (I don't cook, I heat. Sushi is way beyond my capacity) :)

Kayce said...

Yummmm! I now know what is for dinner tonight! I always forget just how easy making sushi really is.