Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Busy!

wow! I have been so extremely busy with work it is rediculous!

We are having our 2nd homestudy update meeting tonight! Holy cow. never did I think we would have to renew our paperwork a 2nd time! Our immigration paperwork expires in November. Since we are within 27 LID's away I figured we should start a little earlier. You never know they could breeze through the whole month of February in one or two months. HA HA

sorry I have been such a blog slacker. I wish I would get over this hump and have nothing to do so I COULD blog more! ahhh.... I can always dream!


amy said...

Good luck with your update

Kayce said...

Yes, good luck with your update. 27 LIDs away, omg!!! Exciting!

Ron said...

Good luck with the update! Is your camera still working? Need to see some pics:)

Valeri said...

How did the update go??