Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh Good Grief!

John McCain: when speaking about autism, "Sarah Palin knows about that more than anyone..."

No she doesn't! Her kid has Down Syndrome... not autism. The two disabilities don't even compare!!!!!!!!!

Ugh, I get sick of her using her child with a disability as a political platform!
Update: ok, I don't care if she does have a nephew with autism... I still get sick of her using children with disabilities as part of her political platform. it seems like that, pro-life issues, and oil drilling is all she knows about.


Rhonda said...

So...I wasn't the only one who noticed that?

Anonymous said...

Her nephew has autism.

Anonymous said...

I've always heard that if you've seen a child with Down's you've seen every child with Down's. If you've seen one child with Autism, you've seen ONE child with Autism. It's so different with every single kid.

amy said...

I didnt like this statement either. I think he should have clarified things and just said special needs..

drama drama drama

Michelle said...

My favorite part was when he was talking about health care reform and he lumped plastic surgery benefits together with transplants.

As someone who might need a lifesaving transplant some day, it scared me to hear him saying that his plan would affect this benefit.

And aren't most plastic surgeries elective? Transplants certainly are not. I never heard of anyone getting a transplant because they wanted to!

I don't know what the answer is but something has to give as far as our healthcare system goes.

Kayce said...

We noticed that too.

Valeri said...

He is a complete moron.

Ron said...

John and Sarah are both morons as far as I'm concerned.