Friday, October 10, 2008

When would we possibly travel?

I just realized after looking at other people's referral dates and travel dates that if we get our referral in December we will probably be in China around the time of the Chinese New Year. It starts on January 26th. (My birthday is the 28th!!!). Most people that got their referral on Sept 2nd are traveling Oct 30th (or around there).

The other day I was checking hotel rates in mid to late January just to see what we could expect to pay and it said there were no rooms available for those dates. I thought it was just an internet fluke or something but today I looked up the new year dates and thought, that is probably right!!!!!!!!!! holy cow! We may be staying in a shanty house for a couple weeks!!! :) The new year is for 2 weeks but the businesses are only closed for one week of the 2 weeks I think. So who knows how our travel will lay out. We shall see!

Maybe we will get lucky and get our referral in November and travel over Christmas! LOL (That would be a miracle!)

Last night we went to the Dumpling Festival put on by a Friends of China group. We went last year too. It is always excellent!!! They sit you at a table with 10 people and bring out plates of food and you scoop off what you want and pass it around. Authentic Chinese dishes and tons of dumplings. yummy yummy yummy


Anonymous said...

No doubt that would be a WONDERFUL Christmas Miracle!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Alyson & Ford said...

Hoping for a speedy referral.
We traveled one day shy of four weeks from Referral (08/12/08 - 09/11/08).

Celebrating 24 days as Mommy to Alyzabeth!

Shannon said...

I'm all for you getting your referral in November! Bring it on!! =)