Thursday, November 20, 2008

15 things I am not afraid to admit.

I was tagged by Jen so here goes...

1) I still sleep with my blankie. It goes everywhere with me when I will stay overnight.
2) I treat my dogs like my children.
3) I get homesick frequently (my family lives in another state)
4) I hate the taste of coffee but love the smell
5) I love crazy stress balls. I have one with rubber flies inside of it.
6) I have a tattoo and want another one
7) I am pro-choice even though my friend is desperately trying to change my stance. I keep telling her life isn't black and white.... not pro-abortion, just pro-choice.
8) I make myself sick thinking I may never be a mother.
9) I love reality tv.
10) I have a ladybug fetish... gotta have 'em all.
11) I am not envious of Angelina J*lie.
12) I cry watching ESPN on Game day... have you ever seen those inspirational stories on there?
13) I hate cleaning the house. despise it.
14) I am sometimes a procrastinator but I hate it when other people procrastinate!
15) I love the smell of rubber cement.

I'm passing this along to anyone who wants to take a stab at it. It isn't as easy as it looks!


Ron said...

You are probably the only person who cries watching Gameday. Nice list.

Ron said...

I just did this on my blog, it was fun, but took a while to think of 15 things.

Karsynn's Mommy...Sammi said...

You'll be a mother...hang in there!!!