Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Craigslist posting - Beverly Hills

DISCLAIMER: I am not the author of the posting below... please do not send hatemail directed toward Barbara Stanwick to me or leave comments for her on my blog! I simply posted this to raise awareness of a sick joke or a sick person...The words written in red are in fact MINE! You can email me or comment about those! :)

Whether this is a joke or for real, this makes me sick....

I don't like the baby we adopted. (Beverly Hills)
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Date: 2008-12-15, 8:36AM PST

Hello. My name is Barbara Stanwick. I need help, my adopted baby isn't what I expected and I don’t like it. Here’s my story…

Ever since my husband, Don, and I married 22 years ago, I've wanted children. The years passed, and once I turned 45, I knew it was too late for me to conceive. So last year, on my 46th birthday, Don surprised me with adoption papers. It was the greatest day of my life. We were going to adopt a baby! It was from China, but I was still excited (we're very gracious, and wanted to save a baby from the communists)!

After being on the adoption list for several months we were informed that a child had been selected for us! My anxiety acts up on planes, so Don's assistant, Lauren, retrieved the baby. I was finally going to have my very own child.

When Lauren walked in, it was swaddled in blankets. I named her Wing, right then and there. A combination of Wang and Ling. I had never been happier, holding little Wing in my arms.

But it was all downhill from there. I pulled back the blanket from her face and that's when I saw the problem. Not only did Wing NOT look like wanted her to, but she was BALD! I had been given a BALD looking baby! My vertigo hit me like a wall.

Since then, I have been trying to send Wing back to China, but they won’t take her. I filed a complaint with the adoption agency, but they didn’t accept “bald baby” as a reason for returning it. Wing cries all the time, which makes my migraines act up and I think the cat might be allergic to her as well. If anyone would like to take Wing, even though she's bald, I will either trade or sell her to you. She's not a bad baby, I just think we can find a better one. Thank you for your time. Serious inquiries only.

From Craig's List (

----Thankfully this listing has been flagged by craigslist for removal. I am pretty certain this has to be a hoax. And if it is, whose baby pictures did they steal off the internet and make fun of? This just makes me sick!


Anonymous said...

Even it were a hoax, it is very bad taste. Whoever finds this funny is SICK!

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting! Our Chinese au pair brought this to my attention. It is huge news in China and they are not treating it as a hoax. Chinese media think a U.S. couple actually tried to sell their baby on Craig's List. Please keep us posted on any developments.

Wendy said...

As an adoptive mother of a daughter from China (2005), the post from Craig's list is an obvious hoax. These are my reason's for feeling this way:
1. The poster says last year (I'm assuming 2007, since the Criag's list post is dated 12/15/2008)"my husband surprised me with adoption papers." I believe this is impossible for one spouse to "surprise" the other spouse with all the papers required by the Chinese government for an American couple to adopt. Amoung the papers required is each spouse's birth certificate and a medical exam, signed by a doctor, for each spouse. As far as I know, I can only obtain a birth certificate for myself and my "minor" children. I cannot obtain one for my husband without his permission and fraudulently signing his name. Regarding the medical exam, the husband would have had to fraudulently obtain one for his wife (if she didn't know.) Also, lab tests are required and that also would have had to be fraudulently obtained. Working in the healthcare field, it would be very difficult to pull this off, in my opinion. So I don't believe this statement at all.
2. Poster states that (I'm assuming starting in 2007) "after being on the adoption lists for several months, we were informed that a child had been selected." The problem with this statement is that NO ONE with a log in date in China for the year 2007, for a healthy (NSN-non-special neeeds)child, has received a referral for a child and probably won't for at least another 2 years (guesstimate??) Right now, people with a log in date of February/2006have just received their referrals, but haven't traveled to China yet to receive their child. CCAA is matching approximately one week's worth of log-in dates/month, meaning it will take about 4 months for everyone in a certain month's log-in date, to get their referrals. Since there is 10 more months from the date of the current families receiving referrals (Feb/2006) to the beginning of 2007, I am estimating it will take 40 months for families with a Jan/2007 log in date to get their child. So the poster's timeline is totally not compatible with the reality of adoption from China in this day.
3. I do not believe the following statement "My anxiety acts up on planes, so Don's (her husband's) assistant, Lauren, retrieved the baby." This is imposssible because at least one parent of the child must travel to China to retrieve the child, because China requires the adoption to be legally performed in China. Most adoption agencies encourage both parents to travel to China. The advantages of both parents going to China are: a little less paperwork and when the child returns to the US, the child is automatically a US citizen as soon as the child touches American soil. If only one parent adopts, additional paperwork must be filled out when the child returns to the US and it takes a while to get the US citizenship. I also believe the child has to be legally readopted in the US court citizen (at least in my state-PA)if only one parent travels. There is absolutely NO WAY ON EARTH someone, other than a parent, could bring a child home from China. I think the Craig's list poster is getting confused with adoption from Korea. Korea allows the child to be brought to the US by a "courier" and the government of Korea allows the adoption to be done in the US court system. CHINA DOES NOT ALLOW THIS.

Just my 2 cents and I am usually very skeptical about what I read on the internet.


Anonymous said...

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