Saturday, January 24, 2009

DaoXian, Hunan, China

I found some pictures of DaoXian China and thought I would share with you the area where Mia is currently living, the homeland of her birthparents.

Street Scene with Funeral Procession. The paper wreaths are marched in a line in the procession. This is the second picture I found of a funeral procession and both had these large paper wreaths. Not sure what they symbolize.

Street leading up to the gate of No. 1 Middle School.

Street Scene.

Entrance to the Moon Cave

Rice Fields:

Old City by river, New City behind:

Market in center of town:

Fishing Shacks by River:

Flood June 17, 2008... Mia was born June 21st and abandoned June 22nd.


Ron said...

Oh my, that's how I pictured China to look like, but it isn't like that in Guangzhou.

Tracy said...

Wow - born just after the flood!