Friday, January 02, 2009

Where's Mia?

You can click the picture below to make it bigger. From what I hear, we will go to Changsha to receive Mia which is where the adoption paperwork for Hunan Province takes place. Because of this we probably will not get to tour the orphanage because it is about 240 miles from Changsha. I have heard lots of good things about Changsha and the experience there.

I have been able to find very very few pictures of Mia's orphanage and the surrounding area of Dao County. But I did join the DaoXian Yahoo group and there are some photos posted there. Unfortunately, I cannot share these photos on my blog!
From what I can gather so far about the DaoXian SWI (Social Welfare Institute) it just recently began doing independent adoptions around summer 2007. Before that it was part of the YongZhou SWI (which includes many other SWI's under it's belt as well). This is why Mia has the last name "Yong" and the middle name "Xiao". All the babies from this orphanage are named "Yong Xiao _____". From what I can find, this is a very small orphanage, around 30-40 babies at a time. And the SWI was just recently redone and a new building was built and completed in May 2008. I have met some very nice people through this yahoo group and the Hunan Families yahoo group who have made me feel very good about our upcoming trip!

Everyone says children from the Hunan province are "spicy girls". I'm told even the local Chinese will tell you this when you tell them your child is from Hunan province! We sure can't wait to go get our little spicy girl! I'm sure she will keep us on our toes!!!


Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

So glad you are getting some information! When will you get the translation from the documents that came with your referral? Hopefully soon it will all come together & your TA will be the quickest one EVER!!!

Greg and Chris said...

It's so awesome that you've gathered information on the orphanage, especially the crib room. That way you can picture what Mia pictures every day. That has to make you feel that much closer to her. She's REAL!!! You have a daughter now. WOW!!!!!! How awesome is THAT?! Can I go with you? I could just hide out a take videos for you guys to have forever. I would be as quiet as a fly on the wall. I'm so thrilled for you!

Valeri said...

Jensen's Chinese name has Xiao in it too! How cool is that???!!!!

Have I told you how beautiful Mia is?????? OMG!!!!! This is just the best news ever to start 2009 with!!!

GĂ©raldine said...

Congratulations for your Yongzhou Dao girl ! She i so beautiful like all Hunan girls !!!
myself I'm a mother of a Yongzhou (espacially from shuangpai county no far from Dao !!) 5 years'old girl adopted in Changsha in 2004 !!! She is so sweet !!!

GĂ©raldine, from France,
LID 2/7/2007 for BB2.

Jonni said...

Hoping for a quick TA so you can bring your spicy girl home.


Anonymous said...

We traveled to Changsha, Hunan in 11/08 to adopt our daughter. She is from Yongzhou Ningyuan County SWI. It is also a remote, small SWI. Our daughter is 15 months now. Please email me if you have questions about Changsha.


Rosie said...

HUGE CONGRATS!!! At LAST! Hugs from the UK.

Grandma Monica said...

I can almost see your face beeming with JOY. It is in your writing and I look forward to more updates about Mia Lin. Blessings!

Shannon said...

What a great map. So exciting that soon you will be there, holding Mia Lin! =)

sybil said...


When we adopted our oldest (from Hunan) we were told the women from Hunan are known for their beauty; the Chinese ideal. "And like the food they are spicy and can only be taken in small doses." That still cracks me up. It's so true in the case of our daughter!

Heather said...

Hi. You don't know us, but we are English teachers at a middle school in Dao Xian. We found your page when we googled, "Daoxian". I have a blog, too. It has photos of Daoxian. I plan on taking more this Saturday and uploading them to the website. If there are any particular photos or information you would want please contact me. My blog address is: