Monday, March 09, 2009

We're back! No baby!

The babies are delayed on the highway due to a traffic jam.
We came back to the hotel room and are awaiting their arrival.
They will probably be pretty grouchy when they get here I would imagine!
The drive without traffic is 4 hours so as of now they will have been on the road for 6-7 hours or so by the time they get here. poor babies!!!!
We'll update when we get her and get settled.


Shannon said...

This happened to our group, too! So frustrating for you and tiring for the babies. Soon!!!! Hugs.

Valeri said...


Anonymous said...

Hang on! They will get there. Though I have to say it is longer than a 4 hour trip from Daoxian to Changsha. more like a 7 hour trip. Kids will be exhausted. Will you be able to receive them if they arrive after the Civil Affairs office closes/? May be a possibility :(
Michelle Miller