Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh my goodness

ok. I know kids need to learn to eat by themselves by practicing... but c'mon. This is no fun. I stripped her down to her diaper, but no one told me I should strip down too! I started with the little dipper spoon and her Stage 3 baby food... she just wanted to dip her fingers into it. So that was quickly taken away.... ugh! So then I gave her diced cooked carrots... and all she wanted to do was mash them in her fingers or drop them down into the seat of her high chair. Let's just say, by the time we were done, I was pretty frustrated and I don't think she got much to eat other than what I spoon fed her before I let her "play". Anyone got any tips here???

I think we need to master the pincer grasp and the hand to mouth transfer before we try this again... She was doing really good eating her cookies and zwieback toast and cheese puffs and is starting to get good at picking up her little gerber puffs and yogurt drops and putting them in her mouth so I thought she could handle this, but no... it was not fun for mommy!

And she insists on dropping everything into the seat of her chair or raising it up above her head to try and put it over the back of her high chair. I don't know why she is doing this but it is really annoying. It wasn't so annoying with the puffs... but it IS with diced cooked carrots! All they do is mush into her seat!

I am scared to try again. I may just spoon feed her until she is 5.

Afterwards we went straight to the bathtub! We now have to bathe her in the bathtub instead of the sink. She has too much energy and leg muscles now to bathe her in the sink. She kept getting into everything around the sink. It was a total pain! So I stuck her little pool in the bathtub. It's perfect! And a lot cheaper than those bathtub things! It was only like $4 at Wal-Mart. It is great when washing her hair. I just lay her back and put her head on the ring part and rinse away. Today she decided she was going to crawl halfway out of it into the tub and splash in the water that was around the little pool. She loves to take baths. I have to take her out because after a while her water gets cold and she starts shivering. But she never wants to get out!


Manette said...

Welcome to the joys of Motherhood! Those are the moments that seem so awful at the time but that make such laughable memories later (I can recall numerous moments like that with our son). My only piece of advice is to enjoy these special memories. And wear a plastic parka in the future! I must tell you, though... I got the biggest kick out of Mia's hick-ups in the tub. What a little cutie-pie!!! She's gotten even more beautiful, if that were possible!

Heather C. said...

Just remember the more frustrated you get the more she will do what you don't want her to do. I learned that the hard way...actually I'm still working on that one with K. Actually we never had luck with the little dipper spoon thing that Mia is using, we used those plastic spoons/forks from Nuby you get at Wal-mart (like 10-12 come in a pack). K also skipped the spoon altogether and went straight to using a fork. But since we had to back track and teach her the spoon milestone (thanks to EI) we started with something thick like Oatmeal, alot less likely to fall off the spoon and I helped guide K's spoon to her mouth the first few times.