Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Birthday and Baptism

Mia was baptised today on her first birthday. It was a very magical day. The baptism was beautiful and the birthday party... well... it was a mess! holy cow! This girl can tear up some cake! She had it everywhere! Needless to say she went straight from the high chair to the sink (the side with the garbage disposal!!!) and the high chair went outside to be hosed off!

Today I couldn't forget to say a prayer to Mia's birth family. For one year ago they gave her the miracle of life. We couldn't be more thankful to these two people whom we will never know. I hope they know in their hearts that the beautiful child they gave birth to a year ago is so loved and cared for. We will be eternally greatful to them for this amazing little girl.

And to my daughter, Happy First Birthday Baby Girl. I love you like crazy cakes! You are my world and I can't imagine it without you. *kisses*

Mia and her friend Lindley


Brandi said...

Happy Birthday, Mia!!!!

Donna -N- Andrew said...

What precious picture! Happy Birthday!

Grandma Monica said...

Birthday Blessings are being sent to you! I LOVE birthday cake photo's...they looked a little similar from the the Fri planting flowers pics! LOL! What an angelic and precious sweetie on the day of her Baptism. We were thinking of Mia and sending wishes her way! Can't wait to hook up some day. Loved her shoes, Keira wore them at her Baptism too!
Always in our Thoughts,
Grandma Monica

Heather C and Keira said...

Happy Birthday Mia! We were thinking and hoping you had such a special 1st Birthday. It sure looks like you did. Hope we can see you soon!

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