Saturday, June 13, 2009

My little girl

Mia loves BeechNut Good Evening Veggie Delight Juice. It's like Baby V-8. I put it in a Y-cut bottle for her and she slurps it right down. while humming "mmm-mmm-mmm".

Here is a video of her playing with the bottle. She likes to tease me with holding things over the edge of her high chair tray now. She will get a real serious look on her face, hold it over the edge and look at me, then laugh and either drop it or pull it back onto her tray. Sassy girl!

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Mia will be one-year old in just a week! She's really starting to jabber now. No real words other than "mama" and "dada" (the ones that count) and an occasional "bye-bye" and she will hum a sweet little high-pitched "mm-mmm" for "woof-woof" for the puppy sound when she sees our dogs. She is learning the signs for milk, more, eat, ball, all done, poop (you wanted to know that! I only taught her that because I think it's a cute sign). She claps all the time, especially when you sing the "patty-cake" song. She waves "bye-bye", knows what "up", "no", "puppy" and "baba" (bottle) mean. She knows what it means when you put a little bowl in the microwave (time to eat!). She giggles like crazy when our dogs come around her. She loves it when you sneak up to "get" her. She loves to play peek-a-boo (especially with her blankie). And so many more new things she is learning!

She is such a joy and we are blessed beyond belief to be lucky enough to be her mom and dad. I get choked up to this day thinking about how this little girl came to be a part of our family. I especially think of this as her first birthday approaches. I am hoping that her birthmother knows in her heart that she is safe and that she is loved. Yesterday I sat feeding her a bottle with my cheek pressed against her little head. Brian looked over and asked me what I was doing.... just soaking it all in... and breathing.... finally.


Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

What a wonderful moment that must have finally breathe & soak it all in! What a blessing for sure! It won't be long before she won't be able to fit on your lap anymore, so I am glad that you are relishing every moment! However, there is a saying I love, "Your child may outgrow your lap, but never your heart!" That is so true, right? Hope her first b-day is all that you hope for.

Jonni said...


Mia is soooo adorable. I just love her cooing and babbling. I hope she has a wonderful first birthday as well.