Friday, July 03, 2009

Just another day

I was so extremely excited when I turned the corner at one of the aisles at T@rget and saw a display of Kai Lan toys!!!!! Hooray! They had 3 of the 4 dolls in the series. We got Giggly Kai-Lan, Silly Kai-Lan, and Sweet Kai-Lan. They didn't have Happy Kai-Lan. The dolls are so adorable and they have plush heads, not the hard plastic heads which is nice! They had other toys too, lego-like play sets, DVD's, books. I was so excited!

Mia wasn't really sure what to think of the doll.

As you can see, she was more interested in her shoes and hair bows!

Well at least she was a little interested...

Realized I hadn't posted a video in a while and that you may be craving one. So here is a video of Mia mashing her peas. I've been trying to let her feed herself more... boy is it hard. she mashes everything. most things she grabs in her fist and mashes them. but her peas... she mashes like this. It was so funny it took me 3 videos and about 30 peas to get a video that I wasn't cracking up laughing through.

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Valeri said...

Oooh! I'll have to get some of the DVDs for Jensen. He loves this show and we watch it nearly every day on Noggin!