Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gettin' Fancy with Dinner

Today I tried a fancy dinner recipe. It looked so pretty in the picture in the magazine that I had to try it. And it turned out just as pretty when I made it! So since it was so pretty I had to share!

Here is the pic in the magazine.

And here is my version. Isn't it pretty?!?!?!!

I also made zucchini and yellow squash and rice. It was a super yummy dinner!!!

Now for the good stuff.... Pics of Mia!


Mom 2 six said...

Oh she is just getting way too big !! What a peach.

Stephe said...

Great Job. Your's looks Yummier than the one in the book! Stephe

Ron said...

Great pics of Mia! Looks like she is getting so big.

I think I'll pass on the cuisine:)