Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Family Reunion

This past weekend Mia and I went to Iowa for a family reunion. Mia had an absolute blast running around. The reunion was at a lodge at a local state park. The other kids were rolling down a hill and Mia really wanted to be just like them. I refused to let her roll down the hill with them, visioning her being trompled by their rolling bodies. So I held her hand and we ran down the hill, then trotted back up. We did this about 20 times and I was tired so I decided to let her venture on her own. She fell and tumbled the first time but she loved it. She ran around all night, even skinned up her little knee one time on the big stone path. She played so well with my sister's two girls. She absolutely loved Riley (the older one). She kept running to her and sitting on her lap, even giving her some kisses. It was so sweet. And her and little Marlee, who is just a couple months older than Mia, were so good together. Here are some cute pics from the day.
Cousin Marlee

Cousin Riley

I love how Mia is running in the background.

HAHA. Her face cracks me up in this pic. She was having so much fun running around.

Rolling down the hill.

My mom and her 3 granddaughters.

While visiting my dad and step-mom, we took these pics with cousin Riley and my step-sister's son Sawyer. Go Hawkeyes!!!!

Not happy to be taking pics!


Shay said...

She is such a cutie. Great pictures!!!!!!

Ron said...

Very nice pictures, looks they are having a great time.