Saturday, October 17, 2009

Harvest Festival

Today we went to the Harvest Festival downtown. It was lots of fun. Mia dressed up in her Halloween costume. I was glad I bought her a warm one because with the wind today it was really chilly!!! She got to throw an apple into an apple grinder and drank some apple cider from it, ate some kettle corn, shook the governor's hand at the Governor's mansion, petted his doggie (that was dressed up like a bee), petted lots of different animals at the petting zoo (the chicken with baby chicks was her favorite I think - she was saying "bock, bock, bock"), and watched her friend Lindley ride a pony (we skipped that one this year). What a fun day!!!

The Governor's wife and dog. He was dressed as a bumble bee.

Standing by the pumpkins and mums on the steps of the governor's mansion.

Looking at the mice. She was quite intrigued by them but wouldn't touch them.

This was the cage with the chicken and baby chicks. She was giggling at them and saying "bock bock bock"