Saturday, October 03, 2009

Potty Training

Well, we have been sticking with the potty training for over a week now. We haven't taken it full force yet because she really hasn't shown the ability to tell us she has to go. Although one day she did take off running down the hallway and I found her in the bathroom by her potty so I put her on it and she did go! We take her and set her on the potty if she wakes up dry, if she has been dry for a few hours, and about 30 minutes after eating or drinking. She has gone almost every time we have put her on the potty. (#1 and #2) Her potty sings to her when she goes so that makes it even more fun. She wiggles and puts her hands in the air dancing to the music. It's really cute! I never dreamed she would show interest in pottying this soon but hey - I'm sticking with it! We'll see where it goes.
Here's a video of Mia so I don't get yelled at! :)

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