Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Three little words

Tonight I was holding Mia and she leaned in to give me a kiss. Then she said "I-RA-ruh" or... "I love you" <3 Then she kissed me two more times. It was the sweetest thing ever and of course I cried! She has said "I love you" before but only after we have said it a few times to her. This was the first time she initiated it. Oh, how I love this little girl! She's so sweet.

I have tried to get her on video saying "I love you" several times but every time I bring out the camera she quits saying it. Tonight I finally got her on video saying it. It's not her best attempt but good enough to give her mommy butterflies. (Her shirt is dirty from day care :) not from mommy)

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Stephe said...


My G thinks of her highchair as a recliner too! lol

Terry said...

Awww, that just melted my heart. I love those stories! She is so cute, and thoughtful...she loves her mama!! :-)