Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I totally forgot to take pictures while we were eating! Duh! We decided to go out to eat this year for a change. Boy was that fun! I think we will do that every year. No cooking. No dishes! A local butcher shop restaurant had a buffet with all the fixings. Yummy! Here are some pics of Mia on Thanksgiving day.

Eating her pineapples. She can't leave them in the little bowl... always has to dump them out!

Having fun outside at our FCC Chili Cook Off event last weekend. She loved running around trying to do what all the big kids were doing. Mommy didn't to do much socializing because I was running after her everywhere she went!

Really cute picture... don't look too close though. There is snot running from her nose to her mouth... YUCK!

She had to sit in EVERY chair there. I think there were about 20. LOL

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