Saturday, April 03, 2010

Fun with colors and letters

Mia is learning so much right now. Her little brain is just spinning!
Here she is doing her colors

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Every time I get my computer out and turn it on she screams "ABC's" until I turn on the Starfall website. Then she stomps her feet and yells. She absolutely loves this website and is learning her letters quickly. We are on this site for about 30 minutes total a day (about 15 minutes at a time). She has gotten better and better the more we play on it. It's really cute to watch her yell the letters so I will click on them.
Right at the end of this video she got so excited she fell off my lap. LOL She was ok though.

And one more just for fun... Spinning.

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Reference for the last part of this video: Draughts (dra - fts)- British English or Checkers- American English


Annie said...

She is just a learning, playing, well rounded girl!

Terry said...

It's always fun watching them learn new things! They get so excited and then you are so proud!