Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Cookin

I've been home all week so I have actually had time to plan some good meals! yay! I found this summer cooking cookbook and decided to try some recipes out of it. They have been really good. Here are some of the ones we tried. You can click on them to make them bigger so you can read them. I didn't want to type them all out!!!!

This shrimp marinade is so good. I used fresh basil from my herb garden. It was really good.

No idea why these are sideways. They aren't in the picture I took!!! But anyway... the yogurt/mayo that goes with this recipe is delicious with the salmon!

I have had these at sports concession stands before and love them. They call them a walking taco. But then I saw them in this cookbook and decided to have them at home. You can just use regular taco meat or chili. They're fun to make and eat.

If you like curry I would recommend this salmon recipe. Yummy!


Annie said...

Fun recipes, maybe I will try some of those out this summer!

jennie said...

I love tast of home! Been subscribing to them for years! Enjoy! :)