Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Learning so much

Mia is learning so much now. She's 28 months old now.

She is amazingly up to reading about 50 site words.
She can tell you letters she sees and what sound they make.
She knows her left and right.
She is speaking in 6-10 word sentences and has an incredible vocabulary.
She can rote count to 10 and count items up to about 5.
She knows all her colors and shapes (even octagon).
She can climb on everything and loves the counters!
She is inquisitive and asks questions constantly.
She sweet and sassy at the same time.

What an amazing little girl! We are so lucky to have her in our lives.


Debbie Sauer said...

Loved the update. Glad she is doing so well. I would love to see pictures. Blessings.

Tamara said...

Hey there stranger,

Mia is a doll and it sounds like she's doing wonderfully! I bet the holidays will be a blast this year.

I do actually follow your blog (I don't really "get" facebook when I've looked at it and don't have a page).