Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fingerprinting done!

We went to get our fingerprints on Wednesday, December 28th. Now we wait....again. Seems like that is all we do. And we haven't even begun the BIG WAIT!

I found this picture on the internet of children in an orphanage in China. Just breaks my heart. I have made a web site with a video on you cannot post videos on this blogger... or not at least that I have figured out how to do.
The web site address for the video is: I am having difficulty with the web site so it may not be ready to view yet. Bear with me!


Anonymous said...

NEat video - I left my vote of excellence!

Suzanne said...

That photo makes me so sad. I want to hug all of them! We are currently trying to get pregnant again with our second,If it does't work out we will definitely adopt.