Thursday, January 05, 2006

We have Passports!

We got our passports back! Haven't picked them up yet but they are at the post office!!! Now we are just waiting for the immigration papers. Shouldn't be too long and our paperwork will be in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!

So, in the mean time, I have repainted the nursery! Pink and Yellow. Gotta get ready for that little girl! I am still waiting on my pink/yellow winnie the pooh wallpaper border that goes along the line of the 2 colors. It is so bright and cheery in that room now! There are no decorations on the walls yet though. The paint wasn't quite dry but I wanted to take a picture for everyone! It will look better once I get the border up!!

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Shelby said...

Hey Sara! I can't believe you chopped your hair! It looks good!! The room looks good too, it looks so cute! I can't wait!!! Talk to you later!!