Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Look what happened today!!!!!!

Brian and Sara,
This e-mail is to let you know that your dossier is being sent to China today, Tuesday, January 31, 2006. If you would like to check the status of your package to ensure that it arrives in Beijing in a timely fashion, go to the FedEx web site and type in your tracking number: XXXXXXXXXXX. I double and triple checked all of your documents. You should not have any problems when it arrives in Beijing. Congratulations on moving one giant step closer to the completion of your adoption.



Lisa~~ said...

Congratulations, what wonderful news!! Here's hoping that your LID and then referral are speedy.

Valeri said...

HI Sara! This is Valeri who is using IFS also for our adoption. It would be great to travel together! We're requesting a boy, unlike most couples. I would love to keep in contact with you as we both venture into the long wait ahead of us. Please do not hesitate one bit to contact me. It would be awesome to get to know one another if we have the chance to travel to China together!!!! You can e-mail me at this address: vdkorber@yahoo.com

Ford & Alyson said...

Huge Congratulations!!! Welcome to the wait (but it's all good)...

Gen said...

Congratulations!!!!! Yipeeeeeee!

What a great way to start the year!