Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Waiting on DTC

As I scan through other people's blogs wondering what new information about their adoption they have received, I am amazed about how much some people have to say. I really enjoy reading some of their thoughts. But, at the same time, I am just amazed that they have so much to say. Where do they come up with this stuff? How do they write so much onto a blank screen? I don't get it. I guess I just don't have that much to say!

We are still waiting for our agency to get our dossier back from the Chicago Consulate office. When they get it back (should be in a couple days) they will send it to China! When China gets it then we can say our Dossier has been received in China (DTC- Dossier to China). Then we wait about 6 weeks to get our Log in Date (LID). After we get our LID, then the big wait starts. Right now, the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) says they are finished with the review of the adoption application documents registered with their office in June 2005. They have finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with their office before May 13, 2005. So that is 8 months from your LID to get your referral (right now). That time is always changing though, so you can never tell how long it will take.

Wow...I'm saying a lot!

Anyway...Waiting on the darn DTC has been driving me nuts-o...So I can't imagine how stressful that 8 month wait is going to be. I will probably have no fingernails or hair by the time we travel to China because the nails will have been bitten off and the hair pulled out. I just hate thinking that we have to wait all this time when our daughter is just sitting in an orphanage. Tears me up inside....Ok...so now I will have no fingernails, no hair, and no intestines by the time we get there.

Speaking of that, while Brian was surfing the net the other night, I got a chance to watch Discovery Health channel (can't watch it when he is watching tv because he gets all sicked out)...There was this show about this baby that was born with 2 heads. . .It was pretty wierd. The 2nd head had its own brain, so therefor it was capable of showing emotion. It didn't talk, but it did cry (silently) and blink its eyes and move its mouth and tongue. It was pretty strange. They did surgery to remove it, and then Brian got off the computer so I didn't get to see whether the baby lived or not....My point??? I don't have one....but ...Is 2 heads really better than one?????? OK....that was totally politically incorrect...sorry.

My goal today is to write a bunch of useless information....

Yesterday in Jefferson City, there were three 19-20 year old "boys" spray-painting graffiti on a bridge going over the train tracks. A train conductor noticed them and the 3 boys decided to (smart move!) jump onto the coal car of the moving train under the bridge to escape! The first 2 boys landed successfully, but the third missed and fell on the train track (what luck) and got his leg chopped off at the knee....Hmmm.....Get caught and get a fine....or lose your leg.......which would you choose? Smart boys! I bet their parents are proud! Damage to the bridge was estimated at $750. Oh, yeah, one of them had a controlled substance when arrested for trespassing. Go figure!

One last thing....President Bush's state of the union address tonight had better not interfere with American Idol!

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