Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I can't hide any longer...

This is what I get for thinking today "Hmmm. I have been reading on so many blogs about people getting tagged lately. I am so glad that I am just hanging low so no one tags me...." And then along comes Wanda on my comments....Thanks Wanda :) My first tagging!

1) I still sleep every night with my pink and red blanket that I have had since I was about 4.
2) I have to cook my steaks until they are burnt to a crisp so there is NO blood left in them
3) I eat at least 5 heaping spoonfuls of brownie batter before I put it in the pan to bake
4) From the mouth of my hubby "You are psycho about anyone touching your belly button! And freak out when my finger gets near it."
5) I am 31 years old and have braces on my teeth
6) I have a frog tattoo on my lower back
7) I love to take pictures of the sky (clouds, sun rise, etc)
8) I am a reality show junkie
9) I don't fold my underwear when I put them in the dresser and it drives my hubby nuts.
10) I stub my toes on everything.

The Six People I have decided to tag: Valeri, Catherine, Shannon, Karen, Carrie, Becky

So here's how this blog tagging works.
If you have already been tag then don't worry about it! Rules of the tag: 1) List 6 weird facts about yourself and post them on your blog. Then tag 6 more people. 2) Leave a comment in their comments section telling them they are tagged and to go to your blog.


Valeri said...

Here are some "odd" things about me!

1. I am a grown woman with a Snoopy obsession.
2. My nick-name is Sasquatch because of my size 12 feet.
3. When I eat sandwiches I cut them into four small pieces and then eat them. My husband says that's only for three year olds. I beg to differ!
4. I have horible, hideously bad allergic reactions to cats.
5. I do free-lance writing for Oatmeal Studios, which is a greeting card company. I can actually say that I am a published writer.
6. I hate tomatoes. I love tomato sauce, etc, but I can't stand eating fresh tomatoes for some reason. I find them rather repulsive, actually!!

Shannon S said...

Your "tagged" picture is a riot! Please don't be offended when I say you've a sick sense of humor! =)

Joannah said...

I've got the belly button issue, too. Wow, as I'm reading all these admissions of weirdness, I realize that I've got way more than the six I put on my blog. Maybe I'm too weird...

Kim M. said...

very funny tag picture. I love your sense of humor. By the way can't live without my reality shows!!