Thursday, April 20, 2006

News Flash - from the Van Buren Register!

Thought I would share some information from my hometown newspaper for your enjoyment. My hometown is a very (VERY) small town in Southeast Iowa. So much of the newspaper is a pure joy to read!!!!!

This is actually my uncle (Mom's brother). Funny story about him. His name is Quentin and when I was little I couldn't say his name so I called him "kinky"!!! Gotta love Uncle Kinky!
Anyway, he made the paper this week! Look at that huge fish. Ok. I have to say that I have swam (swum? swimmed? swumt?) in that river several times and God help me, if I had known that fish THAT BIG were swimming around in that river - I wouldn't have set foot in that water!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! THAT IS SCARY!!!!!!!! I remember a picture from when I was really little of Uncle Kinky catching a similar sized fish from the same river probably.....Crazy!

Let's See what is going on in Stockport Iowa from the Newspaper...

Lots of clubs, etc meeting - missed all those meetings because we get the paper a week late. Not that we would have gone anyway. Let's see - the Christian Men's Fellowship meets tonight (please call for a time- ask your neighbor for the phone number), The Library Board Meeting was April 18th, the Legion Auxiliary meets tonight at 7, the Yacht and Polo club met April 19th (ok people, where are you going yachting? the Des Moines River?????)... Now to the good news -
Jim Beswick and friend of Kansas City have returned home from their vacation in England. They visited Stockport England while there! Jim is the son of Lois Beswick and a descendant of the Beswick who named the city of Stockport, IA from the one in England (How great is that???)

Eugene and Ramona Clark returned home after visiting their daughter Tammy Clark in Irving, TX. They were accompanied by their daughter from Fairfield. Tammy recently moved to Irving. (I am so glad I know this information!!!! How newsworthy!) Oh, and happy birthday to some Stockport-ans(?) - Lori, Carol, Bev, Jack, Evelyn, Joe, Peggy, Linda, Darrell, and Virgil!!!

Great job reporting the news in Stockport Melva Jane!

How about what's happening in Milton, Iowa?

ATTENTION DOG OWNERS! (yes it is really written in ALL CAPS) Barb has been getting calls and so has the city, about dogs running loose. Please keep your dogs tied up or in pens, as home owners in Milton are getting very upset about dogs running loose in their yards. (Come on people! Be courteous to others for Heaven's Sake!)

Charles King celebrated his birthday with coffee drinkers (better than with beer drinkers I guess but it can't be as amusing!). His wife Ruby made a delicious coffee cake and everyone enjoyed her company (what about Charles'???? Did anyone enjoy his company?)

Mary Louise Short had many family members at her home for Palm Sunday dinner (Why not Easter dinner????)

Best for last!!! Van Buren (My high school ) PROM!!!!!!

The highschoolers at my hometown high school always try to oud-do each other with their prom rides. This one is great! So great it made the paper! OK. So they are riding to prom in a wrecked truck with no doors! Pretty funny!

Is this Cortney Warner????


Valeri said...

I am laughing my butt off at this!!! I thought my town newspaper was full of inane articles...LOL Your uncle's catch frightens me, too! It looks like Fishzilla!

Aimee said...

That is THE biggest fish out of a river, I have ever seen!