Friday, June 16, 2006

Enough is Enough

Had to ditch the Britn*y Spe@rs song. It was driving me bonkers. Plus, my friend Julia watched her interview the other night on tv and said she felt sorry for her.....ok fine... I didn't see it, but I will give her that...being a mom and all...

I found this blog of this family living in Yunnan China and teaching English at a college there for a year. There are some absolutely stunning pictures on here and some great information on this area of China. I couldn't stop reading all their entries. There is an especially interesting post on June 15th from his student's about their life in China and how their lives have been affected by the one-child policy. Check it out!!!

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Kim M said...

Like the new song!!!

I just found that blog too! I want to post it on my blog. Very interesting. Beautiful picture by the way!!!!!!