Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Here is the top for Mia's OHGWQ. Can't wait to get it all put together and quilted!!!!! Thank you Diana for helping with this project. It is absolutely beautiful!

The top row is all family members fabric. Brian and I are the 2 triangles between the 2 red parallelograms in the center of the top row.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me fabric and wishes (and are still sending fabric and wishes for my other quilts I am making)

Can you find your fabric???? Click on the picture to make it bigger.


Lisa~~ said...


Stephanie said...

Wow, the quilt looks great!

Shannon S said...

You did a terrific job on Mia's OHGWQ!! Have you done this kind of stuff before? I noticed that you are hosting lots of swaps! Very impressive and inspiring! I'm still in the collecting stage...soon, though, soon!