Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcoming Dave Lennox into our Home!

Well, we finally got our central air and furnace replaced yesterday! Boy does the air feel good!!!!!!!!!! (But the checkbook does not!) Hopefully we get the insurance check deposited soon! Our central air was struck by lightning and we just decided to replace the furnace at the same time. (What a great thing to do when you are saving for China!) You wouldn't believe how spunky furnaces and air units look now from the ones that were put in 15 years ago! Wow- FANCY! And it only took the guys 5 hours to take out the old and put in the new! Impressive!

My finger is much better now! I would post a new updated picture but I think some of you really got grossed out at the last one! It looks better but it just doesn't look right. Thinking I will have a doctor check it out. I have a feeling that the skin from the opening of the cut up to where the cut ends under the skin is going to fall off or something. (SORRY! I know....TMI) I will keep posting so that the picture in the last post gets pushed down to the bottom so those of you with weak stomachs don't have to look at it any more! That is what I had to do for my MIL who got sick looking at my St. Pat's day pic of the Chinese food!

Rainy day here...My gosh did it down pour last night! Holy Kamole (no idea how to spell that word- or even if it IS a word!). The best part...there were flash flood warnings for all the counties around us but not for our county. Now...if they have a flash flood warning and we don't, I can't imagine how much darn rain they got!!!! Wow! God must have been draining the pools!

Update on the finger situation: After looking at my finger again, I realized I should have really gone to get stitches because the cut isn't closing at all and it has been 3 days now. I called the nurse at the dr's office (insert music) "Momma called the dr and the dr said...." ---You dumbass. It is too late now to get stitches! Why are you just now calling? You should have come in on Monday stupid! (ok so that isn't EXACTLY what she said.....) But she did say that it is too late to get stitches and that I am just going to have to stick it out and quit being a whiny baby (ok...not what she said again.)

My husband always says - "never let the truth get in the way of a good story" ;-)


Ron said...

Wow, we just had a new furnace put in last October. Our A/C died, but luckily it was only the thermostat. What a time to go, as soon as the humidity kicks in. Hope everything is working with yours.

Valeri said...

Ditto what my hubby just said!

Stacy said...

We had to pay our largest income tax payout ever. As they say, 'When it rains...'

Sorry to hear the finger isn't better. Your post made me laugh!