Monday, July 24, 2006

Ladybug Picnic

Isn't this the cutest little bug you've ever seen? We went to our local FCC summer picnic this past weekend. I don't know who this little girl is so she will remain anonymous. Hope her parents don't mind me posting a picture of her! Anyway, this picnic was so fun. We got to talk with other waiting families. One family was logged in July 15th 2005 so we are hoping they get their referral with the next batch! We also got to talk to many families who have BTDT and had some very good advice for our travel to China! It was so wonderful. If you get a chance to go to an FCC event I would suggest you go. It is a wonderful support group and, besides that, you get to stare at all the beautiful little ones that have been adopted!

The wait has really been getting to me lately. The way things are going right now it will probably be next summer before we can travel to China to get Mia. That just breaks my heart! We have waited long enough! I am just ready to be a mom. Yesterday was the hardest day for me, after the hardest week of the hardest month. The wait just keeps weighing on me.

Today I came home to my February Secret Pal gift. What a great way to end a boring day at work! Look what I got! Sorry the photo is sideways. I didn't feel like messing with it to make it right side up! Blogger has been pitching a fit lately! Really annoying! I haven't been able to post or upload pictures 80% of the time I try. I hope it doesn't do that when we are in China!!!!!!

Anyway, I'm uploading pictures while it is allowing me to!!!!

I started on the Year of the Dog quilt and Brian was wanting me to come in the living room so I was trying to hurry up and sew this patch together....Well, in my frustration and trying to hurry, I sewed it together wrong. Although it looks ok...I know it is wrong and it drives me BONKERS! (this stupid pic is sideways with it) The 2 greens are NOT supposed to be on top of each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 2nd row squares should be switched!!!!!!! Ugh....what else!?!?!

OK...well I had a few more to share but blogger has had its fill of pictures evidentally because I can't upload any more........ &#$@%*&$%#$@

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