Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Updated Wednesday @ 5:15 pm

Ha Heather! Try and Beat THAT one!!!! 107 today! and so humid you can drink the air! (I wasn't driving in this picture. In the other one I took I was driving 50 mph....this one looks better...doesn't look like I am going to wreck trying to take a picture of my thermometer!!!)

Sleeping Beauties....Don'tcha just wanna kiss'em???
They look so precious!

Aye Ai Ai............... We're melting down here!

BB Update: Ok. Marcellus completely redeemed himself last night. He has moved from a follower to a person with a brain! Why don't these people align with the Sea-Sick alliance rather than fighting against them????? I don't get it. Anyway, Marcellus - did'ya hear him? He said - We need to use the POV and take off Nik or WT Diane who smokes pot and has killed many brain cells evidently [her words - not mine] (genius!) and put up Dr. Will or his stupid WT "Rabbit" wannabe. (Those of you who have watched 10-mile know who Rabbit is....Eminem!) You that I think about it. Mike-boogie (brilliant!) said he wanted to hook up with Diane for a "show-mance".....They are PERFECT together!!! Two WT idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Valeri said...

Awwwww.....the doggies are sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

Heather C. said...

Ha! I still beat you with the July 2nd temparture. I'm going to go see how hot it is right now and get back to you :) It's amazing that we are within a 3 hour or so drive of each other and we are both melting. My poor air conditioner is working overtime.

Anonymous said...

Okay, those pups are cute!

I am off to Cali. I wonder how hot it will be there?