Friday, August 11, 2006

Picture Friday

Marine Corps Silent Drill Team - These pics are in reverse order.....thanks blogger!!!!!
We went to see the Marine Corps Silent Drill team perform at the capitol last weekend. It was absolutely amazing! They are truly awesome!

Heads bowed in prayer

One pair of boots for each Missourian killed in conflict since September 11th.

Rifle Inspection during Silent drill team performance.
(not just your ordingary rifle inspection!!!)

Marching in from across the street.

Standing on the steps of the capitol building after they were finished.

Ok...they are getting ready to spin their rifles between the guys in the middle line as they are marching by them...they have bayonette's (no idea how to spell that) on the end of their rifles!!!!!

This guy played the bugle - taps.... Wow! He was amazing. It was such a pure sound that I thought it was a digital recording until I looked over and saw him playing!!! He was standing right next to us!

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