Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Where is the sun?

Brighter days have GOT to be ahead! The CCAA has really got me down. It is hard for me to grasp that we may not be able to get our daughter until next summer or later. It saddens me deeply. The wait from LID to referral is currently just over 12 months. But with the way things are going, the wait could easily be up to 18 months soon. I emailed our agency and they told me what I expected them to tell me....expecting a March referral is a good estimate "today" but that they really don't know from month to month what the wait will be.
I pray every night that the CCAA will become more efficient and be able to process the applications more quickly and that the orphanages work harder to get more babies paper ready (ready for adoption).

The wait is hard, but please don't tell me it will be "worth the wait". I KNOW it will be worth the wait. But I am so sick of WAITING!!! And please don't tell me that when I finally hold Mia in my arms it will all seem worth it. No KIDDING!!!?!?!?

Ugh....I am so sick of waiting. And we still have another year...as of right now....today...at 8:30 pm CST on August 15th, 2006. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

picture taken by me!


Made in China said...

I hear you! I am fed up with waiting. I want my baby now!!!

Hang in there, we are all in the same boat.


Valeri said...

Trust me.....I know EXACTLY how you are feeling! I get so frustrated when I hear rumors of longer waits. I can't take it much longer anymore! Please know that I'm always here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on!!

Jennifer said...

I am back from summer break here in Keosauqua. I will be keeping track of your adoption process and reporting it back to your Uncle Quintin. He seems to grumble alot about the crap he says that you have to go though paperwork-wise and waiting that is so hard to bear. We wish it could be easier. We are thinking and wishing good thought for you.

Lee-Anne said...

I hear ya! At the begining of this process I thought that the 6th month mark would be MAJOR! As if it'd only be moments til we got our referral...
I'll just say, it doesn't feel so major.

Catherine said...

I hear you! It's so tough!!! Sometimes to encourage myself (lame as this may sound!) I go back in my blog and pull up an entry from a year ago and think wow...was that a year ago? Doesn't seem like it.

I know...it's not much help but anything at this point is helpful.