Friday, September 08, 2006

Give me Strength

I have been reading the book "Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew" by Sherrie Eldridge. If you are adopting and haven't read this book, you need to get it! It is amazing.

I wanted to share some things from the book that made me think. I'll share more in another post. But these, given the way I have been feeling lately, captured my emotions perfectly.

"God, give us strength and patience as we endure this wait for our beautiful child." - my nightly prayer

P. 103

I expressed my gratitude for my adoptive parents in a letter I imagined God writing to them:

Dear Retha and Mike,
One of My children needs a home---a mother and father who will love her and provide for her.
I know how much you wanted to have children. I know the tears and anguish you have experienced. But the only way I could make a place for this child in your home was through the open door of infertility.
I am loaning her to you for a while to take care of. Do the best you know how to do, for she is precious to Me.
Someday, when you are gone, I will be her mother and father. She will learn to trust Me and depend on me as she did on you.
Thank you for being so willing to love My daughter and give her a home on earth.
Love, God

P. 129

Metaphor by Maxine Harris in The Loss that is Forever: (this is in this same book but it references this other book)
When a tree is struck by lightning
if it survives,
its growth is altered.
A knot may form where the lightning hit.
The growth on one side of the tree may be more vigorous
than on another side,
The shape of the tree may change.
An interesting twist or curious split has replaced what might
have otherwise been a straight line.
The tree flourishes;
it bears fruit,
provides shade,
becomes a home to birds and squirrels.
It is not the same tree it would have been had there not
been a lightning storm,
but some say it is more interesting this way.
Few can even remember the event
that has changed its shape forever.

I didn't think the last song would capture my mood very well. So I changed it to this:

Enya - Long, Long Journey (How fitting)
City lights shine on the harbour,
night has fallen down,
through the darkness
and the shadow
I will still go on.

Long, long journey
through the darkness,
long, long way to go;
but what are miles
across the ocean
to the heart that's coming home?

Where the road
runs through the valley,
where the river flows,
I will follow every highway
to the place I know.

Long, long journey
through the darkness,
long, long way to go;
but what are miles
across the ocean
to the heart that's coming home?

Long, long journey
out of nowhere,
long, long way to go;
but what are sighs and what is sadness
to the heart that's coming home?


Joannah said...

Are you trying to make me cry? ;-)

Kim :) said...

Pass the Kleenex!!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

That is lovely. I had that book but I did not get into it. I will have to give it a try again.

Keep smilin!

Hugh & Sonia said...

I also have the book, but have not read it. I will now. Thanks for your post. I love your blog and find it so interesting. Hang in there, Sara, your precious Mia will be here before you know it, and you will truly forget the anquish and frustration of the wait for her. She is perfect and you will ask how you ever lived without her(: (sorry for the long comment)

Dawn and Dale said...

Oh! This song is sooo perfect!! I love it!!

The poems are so good too. Thanks for the beautiful post.


The Carmodys said...

Wow - I love the song and the letter from God and the poem. Thanks for sharing them - they're beautiful. I just wrote out the name of that book - I'll have to check it out.