Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm moving to Iowa!

Well I guess Claire got her way, didn't she?????????
Do Missourians really know how terrible this woman is?
I guess her horns only come out at night when no one is looking.

Disclaimer after reading Valeri and Ron's comments: I am not against ADULT or UMBILICAL CORD stem cell research. I AM against *embrionic* stem cell research. Being a woman who cannot have biological children, I find it difficult to support something that destroys life for the sake of medicine. Why is that embryo's life any less important? Plus there are many dangers in harvesting eggs from women.

Clay Randall at Mental Pompeii has a post about embryonic stem cell research. Mr. Randall is a doctor on his hospital's Ethics Committee.

"Note how NIH tries to minimize the fact that you're taking stem cells from an unborn person while at the same time trying to make the artificial distinction between fertilization occuring through sexual intercourse and fertilization occurring in the lab which is...well.....artificial. Perhaps they're hoping the the terms "trophoblast", "blastocoel", and "blastocyst" will disguise the fact that we're talking about a human being? While there is indeed "potential" in these embryonic stem cells, there is also potential in adult stem cells (umbilical cord, bone marrow, etc) which do not carry with it the same ethical considerations. Is it coincidence that rarely does the media discuss the problem of stem cell rejection by the immune system or the malignancies that can result?"

Just food for thought. ;o)


Valeri said...

I am a strong, vocal stem cell research advocate. I will oppose any candidate against it. My mother battled cancer and now her best friend has ALS. I would do anything to help medical research find a cure for these diseases.

Ron said...

I am a strong supporter of stem cell research also. The folks in Missouri did a fantastic job voting for this woman.

Lee-Anne said...

Hi Sara! I'm with you. I support stem cell research, but not from embryos. I think a line needs to be drawn somewhere. How ya going, Luvy, you not posting too much lately. Christmas and the new year will be here, before we know it, and we'll be that much closer to our girls.

Valeri said...

I'm not "yelling" at you! :) Heavens no! I just thought you were totally against stem cell research from first reading your post. Just remember that I'm a nutty liberal. :)

Journey to Mia Lin said...

I just despise Claire McCaskill.

You would too if you had to listen to her nasty campaign ads!!

Heather C. said...

I can't stand Claire McCaskill either and I live right across the river, she is such a liar!! If I could have voted against her I would of. She started the attack ads and lies. I'm not a Talent fan but I hate Claire even more and wanted her to lose!!