Thursday, November 16, 2006

you've been Data-fied!

Rate of Referrals: Referral Date and # of LID dates sent out.

Age of Child at Referral

Days Between Referral and Travel

Trend of Wait Between DTC and Referral

(I told you this was a roller coaster ride!!)

Referral Date and Days to Referral
yes - that line is on a steep incline!

Let's hope we get over that hill soon! So we don't have to jump off the cliff!

Don't forget if you click on these graphs you can make them bigger. I don't know if they get a LOT bigger, but it may help a little.

You can see all these statistics and more at Bright Outlooks and Ralph Sterling's Data Site

Just don't mess around with the referral calculator at Bright Outlooks. You will only be depressed in doing this. I am warning you now!

Don't forget to read my post below about FMLA leave and adoption! I didn't want anyone to miss it but I really wanted to post this info too for those of you who don't dabble on the internet as much as I do!

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Kristen said...

Thanks for all the great info... especially the FMLA stuff. I've been meaning to contact my union rep to ask those questions.. but didn't have a chance. You answered them!!! Thanks, looking forward to those 12 weeks home with my little one!