Saturday, January 27, 2007

Has it been 11 months?????

Wow. 11 months since LID. I can't believe it has been almost a year already. I hope the rest of this year flies by too. I am hoping for a November referral and December travel to China. Hopefully it will be before then and hopefully not after!!!
This is so horribly depressing. There are no words to describe how much this wait sucks! I saw someone's ticker yesterday that said 14 months since LID! They are getting ready to get their referral soon. So will we get ours in 14 months which would be by April? Not a chance!
We went to HuHot tonight for my birthday dinner. Yummy!!!!!!! OMG. I was so stuffed. And you get a free dessert on your birthday. They have s'mores there. They are awesome! They bring you a little fire pot for your table and you roast your own marshmallows. Then they give you hershey's bars and graham crackers. It was really fun. (Well I think got more fun out if it than Brian did. I don't think he really thought it was "fun" but he thought it was good.)
I am so excited because tomorrow on my birthday I am finally going to meet Heather and Keira!!! They are coming through this way from visiting family for Heather's birthday which is one day from my birthday!!! So they are going to stop and visit! I am soooo excited about this! I have talked with many amazing adoptive families through my blog and through various yahoo groups for China adoption. Heather is one that I have become close with and I am so excited to finally meet her and her beautiful little Keira who she brought home from Vietnam last August. oooooooo..... Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
I am eager to see how far the CCAA gets when referrals come out. They should be coming out soon. I am thinking they are not going to get very far into October, which will be sad. I just hope they breeze through December and January!!!!!!
Hang on baby, we will get there someday!!!


Shannon said...

I second that. This wait does bite. Congrats on passing another month's milestone.

Valeri said...

Happy Birthday!!! Glad you got to get a yummy treat!

We should meet sometime, too! Maybe we can do a road trip to Missouri this summer and meet up!!!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Happy Birthday! Happy 11 Month LID-iversary!

I gotta hope that is is sooner! Sigh...

Keep smilin!

Shannon S said...

Happy Birthday! Glad your night out was tasty and fun. I figure we'll either be home from China or in China by this time next year. Either way it'll be the most special time ever! =) Hellos to Heather & Keira!