Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Love This Blog

<--- I love this blog! I go and read it when I need a laugh. This couple living in Alaska just adopted Bonnie and Clyde from Russia. Their kids are hilarious! And Rhonda writes very funny narratives about her life with her beautiful children. Check it out! Guaranteed to make you smile!

I was also tagged by Valeri.

Here's what you do. Find a book near you. Go to page 123 in that book. Write down 6-8 lines from that book. Tag 3 people!

Soooo....the book I have laying on the coffee table is, ironically, Fodor's "Exploring China- 5th edition"

"The three treasures of the northeast are antlers, furs and ginseng. There is also frog oil, which is etracted from the female frog's ovary and, when served in soup or with chicken, is supposed to have curative properties." (Uhhh...yeah. Yummy!)

"Mohe is China's most northerly town, from which the aurora borealis can be viewed."

I am tagging Doris, Kim, and Steph ...Have fun!!!

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