Sunday, January 14, 2007

Home from China links

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If you have nothing else to do today - I have moved all of the Home at Last links in my sidebar to a new site. The list was getting pretty lengthy and I wanted to shorten my side bar. So all the families who are back home from China can now be found on this site:

We are sitting at home with ice everywhere outside. I can't believe how much ice we have. How can it rain when it is 20 degrees outside? That amazes me! Brian spent 2 hours today getting all the ice chipped off the cars and the driveway. It's crazy out there! Stay inside!

(This picture is supposed to look like Brian and I......... ha.


Valeri said...

Ron and I were watching television earlier and the station mentioned how Missouri got pounded with ice. We were wondering how you, Brian and the doggies were doing! Keep safe!!!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Sorry I just have to say I live in North/Eastern Canada and we have NO SNOW wanna borrow my ski's ??
I'll eat my words in Feb. LOL

Cindy said...

How did you transfer over your picture header and line break pictures, etc. I tried to put them in the blogger template code and really messed up on the new blogger, so I went back to the old blogger template look on my site. I would like to go to the new one.

Journey to Mia Lin said...

I clicked on the "old blogger" template when I was working with the HTML codes because I don't really get the widget thing on the new blogger template. Not sure what you mean about transferring the pictures over, they did it automatically when I switched to the new blogger. I didn't have to do anything in that sense.

Lee-Anne said...

Love the pic, you and B are pretty young and funky, eh?!!! What's with the polar bear? Ohh... the ice...?