Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to us!

Wow. Has it really been a year already?!?!?!

Hard to imagine. I really can't believe it has been twelve months since we were logged in. I think we are on the downhill slope now - thank GOD! Finally.

You know what is funny. I keep logging on to the CCAA web site to see if they have updated it - knowing Damn well that they are on break for Chinese New Year! Oh I hope they send out referrals soon after they get back (next monday). I can't wait much longer to see how far they get. I am thinking November is a pretty big month so if they can get through November quickly then we may have a chance of getting our referral before October of this year. I really hope we can have Mia home by Christmas. I really really really hope that.

Ok - side note. Did you watch Oprah's Leadership Academy thingee on tv last night??? Uh, yeah. I bawled through the whole thing!!!!! not just a couple tears streaking down every now and then.... no... I was bawling through the whole thing. My husband thought I was crazy! This was definitely a 15 tissue show! (Not to mention the soaking wet shirt sleeves!) Those girls are so beautiful in so many ways. (crying now just thinking about them). They are so poised and strong. And I had no idea people in South Africa talked like that. They were speaking English with their accents, but saying things like: "come hell or high water", "like" valley girl talk, and using some of the same phrases we use in America. It was really neat to hear them talk. And their stories. Oh their stories. Many of them had lost one or both parents and were living with grandparents. My heart broke for the little poor girl (Mahlatse) who lived in this little shack and had to do her homework by candle light. Many of them did not have running water. One girl walked 30 minutes to the closest bus stop through a very bad neighborhood early in the morning for an hour long bus ride to get to school each day. One girl, in her interview, asked Oprah (who interviewed every girl!) if I want to go to university after this who will pay for it. And Oprah looked at her and said "I will." The girl's eyes got big and she started crying. It was very touching. These girls are so appreciative and so humble. It was truly an amazing show. Amazing! Sade and Megan's (they are sisters) story really touched me. When they were 5 and 6, they saw their father shoot their mother and then shoot himself. One of them said "We fit together like a glove and a hand." So sweet. Their love for each other is huge!

If you click on the link you can see videos of the girls' interviews. Sade/Megan and Mahlatse are on the videos. Grab a tissue box. Guaranteed to make you cry!
Here is a YouTube video on the last few minutes of the episode.


Lisa and Doug said...

Happy 1 Year Lid-versary! Congrats!

Jonni said...

Jappy 1 year LIDiversary. Hopefully not too much longer.


tracy said...

Woohoo!!! Happy 1 year down!

I did see the Oprah special and it was wonderful!

C.J. said...

Congrats on 1 down!

Wow...one of the rare times I wish I watched TV! I'll catch it at some point.

Dawn and Dale said...

Happy 1 Year!!!!

This is HUGE!!! Congratulations!!

A Special Family said...

A BIG congratulations on a year down, that is a HUGE step closer!!