Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hey... Where'd the Blogs go?

As some of you may have noticed I have been playing around with my blog format in the last week. I have decided that there are too many blog links listed in my sidebar so I have put them all on their own blog. In my sidebar now, there is a link for each month LID, those waiting on TA, those waiting to travel or traveling soon, those paperchasing, and those already home. There are also links for those sites adopting from other countries. If you click on these links it will take you to this page I just created with all the links. When there you can follow the link on that page to get from each section of blog listings. There is also a link to this page at the top under my header too. I know this is an extra step for you but I had to do it because it was slowing my main blog down. It is kind of a pain to not have them all right there I know. It is driving me nuts too! Hope you understand!
Take care! We are coming up on our one year LID on Tuesday! *sigh* Don't know whether to be happy or cry about that!


Anonymous said...

We think your blog is great!

C.J. said...

1 year is means we're on the downslope!!!

Chugging on :0)

Lisa and Doug said...

I think your blog looks great too!

Congrats on one year down! Every day is closer to your little girl!

tracy said...

I think one year is surreal...hopefully it goes by quickly now!

Your blog looks great!

Ron said...

I didn't even miss your missing links.

Lee-Anne said...

Oooo, your sidebar is so spacious and roomy now!!!

Just noticed your ticker...

HAPPY 12TH MONTH LID!!! YAY - we made it to 12 months without harming ourselves!!! That sounds terrible, hey?! I'm positively certain Mia Lin will be in your arms THIS YEAR. I'd almost wager, she's a little piggie too!

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Happy 1 year LID!

Also... I have been meaning to comment and tell you this, THANK YOU for all the links. They are sooooooo helpful! I think it was a good idea to put them all on a seperate blog. So, thanks again! I love you blog!

I just know you will have Mia Lin home BEFORE Christmas!

~Emily (big sister to AnnaClaire- 16 months old, adopted from China on 12/11/06)

Catherine said...

I appreciate that people link to one another's blogs but I have chosen to remove myself from the 'mass' blogging lists. Can you please remove my blog?

If a list like this was to get into the wrong hands it is a recipe for disaster.

Also, could you please put something on that blog that allows people to access you to have their information removed? It has no comments or email listed.

I appreciate what you're trying to do but feel people should have the option to opt out or even better, be asked before put on a mass list.

Thank you.

Catherine said... error! I just realized you do provide an address where I can ask you to remove my blog.

Please feel free to delete the comment above as it contains incorrect information. I tried to do so but am not able to.