Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I've been calculating...

It doesn't seem to me that it is possible that it will take until November to get our referral. That just seems outrageous! So I sat down to calculate it out myself. And then I got mad and quit. Because even if they do speed through Jan and Feb it would still be like September before they get to Feb. 27th! Well, crap. What's funny is that when we were trying to figure out a logo idea for our January DTC group someone had mentioned an Autumn Moon theme because we assumed (at that time) we would travel in october 2006 (LMFAO!!). Looking back, I guess we should have stuck with that logo because we probably will be there about that time!!!!!!! Isn't that hilarious? (it really isn't!)

so - none of my calculations have us going to China any sooner than maybe October of this year. I just don't see it happening. Doesn't that just suck!?!?!? ugh.


It is freaking cold, here folks. I am sure some of you are freezing more than I am but this 9 degree high stuff just freezes my nosehairs! Brrrrrrrrrrr..... Wanna go home and snuggle up with a blankey and watch tv!

Speaking of TV... anyone watching American Idol???? I can't wait for the best of the best and worst tonight. That will be so hilarious! I loved last night when that lady said Simon should go back to France (or wherever) and Ryan said "He's British" and she said, "then he should go back to British!" LOL. There are some whacked people on that show! Pure enjoyment! Love laughing at other people's stupidity!!! Makes me feel so much better about myself!


I'm ready for spring, how about you??????? I need sunny skies, green grass, rainbows, and flowers! Bunnies and chicks, lambs and butterflies. Isn't spring precious?


Heather C. said...

I can't wait to watch AI tonight. I was laughing so hard when that women was then he should go back to British and her daughter was so whack anyway, she goes from the shy person to just flipping out. What was that about, how did they insult her when they didn't say anything accept No, heck they weren't even laughing at her like they were most people.
Freezing here too, we are colder than you :) It's 4 out right now without windchill.

Ford & Alyson said...

Man, can we relate to the referral timeline. AI is a must see. I better pass on the weather. We get "cold" but not today...


Valeri said...

The weather here has been brutal! We had Monday and Tuesday off from school and today we had a two hour delay because of the temps. Brrrrr!

I live for AI! Simon is my hero! Right now I like that guy Sundance and that guy who sang Kiss From a Rose last week. I forget his name. I wish they would outlaw all Stevie Wonder songs! I'm so sick of hearing everyone sing his stuff!

tracy said...

Your calculations suck! Let's hope they are not accurate.

No comment on weather....78 degrees today.

nikki said...

I'm with you: Think Spring!
We will all feel much better then!

And yes! I will be watchin AI tonite and laughin right along with you!

Emmie said...

We have horrible weather here too!

I love American Idol! Sometimes I wonder if they pay people to act stupid and suck because what kind of person would go on TV and make a complete fool out of themselves!? IDK! w/e It's fun to watch anyway! :)