Friday, March 09, 2007

CCAA update

I know I am behind in getting this pic put up. I did talk about it a few posts back.
Anyway - for those of you not in the adoption world - They have finished reviewing applications turned in through March 31, 2006. (This change is not really a big deal to us since we knew we were already through the review room). They have also finished placement of children with families logged in through October 24, 2005. This is really depressing since that is only 11 days that they placed and it took them a month to do that many days. There was a Chinese New Year where they closed down for 2 weeks during that time though. So hopefully they will do more at the end of March. Anyway -- Congratulations to those families affected by this change!!!!
I was calculating in my head last night trying to figure out when I thought we might get our referral. I am still thinking October at the earliest. But you know what else I thought??? October is only 7 months away!
Don't forget to set your clocks ahead an hour this weekend if you are in Daylight Savings time. I always hate losing an hour of sleep! Because I can never get myself to go to bed earlier to adjust for it! Oh well. I am tired all the time anyway so I guess it won't be much different. I am looking forward to sunnier days and more daylight time!!! That will help the days go by quicker. I know.... wishing my days away! I just want Fall to be here!!!!!


Doris & Dan said...

I am stopping trying to calculate. I will see again in a few months what the situation is. The math makes me sad!

Keep smilin!

tracy said...

I'm with Doris on this one, the math is so painful every month.

I can't wait for longer days!

Dannye said...

I too look forward to longer days (more sunshine to enjoy after getting off work, maybe will be able to get out and walk my buttocks off some before it gets dark, I know my puppy would enjoy it emmensely), but dreading the lack of sleep, can't we have it both ways???

Here's to hoping for a speed up at the CCAA.

Emmie said...

I hate loosing an hour of sleep as well! I already don't seem to ever get enough!

chris and greg said...

I was just wondering if you are doing a scrapbook of all of your time waiting for Mia from your DOC date? It might not mean much to her for a few years, but later it will show her how much she was loved and longed for before she FINALLY came home! It might turn out (later) to be something for both of you to cherish. Just wondering. . .