Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Thanks Thanks Thanks to Debbie who sent me a thank you for blinging her blog. Among the wonderful goodies was fingernail polish... What shade you ask??? Gotcha, of course!!!

Thanks Debbie! Can't wait to paint Mia's little fingers Gotcha Pink!!!!!

Tonight we fed the trash can. That's right folks. We fed our trash can dinner. Why? Ever have high hopes for a wonderful dinner and then cook it and find out it really sucks? Tried to make Pad Thai Peanut Chicken with noodles. Sounds good enough. No. It sucked. And, da-yum, was it spicy! My hubby was so sweet. He handed me his plate back and there was a fair amount of it left on his plate, which never happens unless he is sick. I said... "Did'ja like it?" he said... "It was ok." He was trying to be nice. He was trying really hard. I said... "Do you want me to put the rest in the fridge or throw it away?" He said, "I can take it tomorrow for lunch." I looked at him sideways... and said "I'm throwing it in the trash." he said... "OK." I couldn't even take an appetizing picture of it. Yuck. The sight of it makes me nauxious. Blah! Now our whole house smells like it! Ugh.


Ron said...

It doesn't sound very appetizing to me!

Lisa said...

I think I would have pitched it, phoned for Chinese delivery and then painted my nails with the new "Gotcha" nail polish.

Good effort though!!

Lisa ;)

Teri said...

I did the same thing last week with kingcrab, which is pretty damn expensive. Made a seafood casserole, and it stunk up the house for days. Burned a whole Glade candle getting rid of the stench. Husband ate it, bless his heart but Girly immediately snubbed her nose at it. She had the right idea. I threw more than half away. We could have ordered pizza for what that meal cost.

So may your Pad Thai and my casserole rest in peace together. We'll chalk it up as a lesson learned.

Doris & Dan said...

Love the nailpolish!

Too bad about dinner. Sometimes I end up with a mess too...time to call for pizza!

Keep smilin!

Emmie said...

Cute nail polish. Any shade of pink is absolutely sweet! :)
Sorry about the dinner. It really stinks when that happens. Better luck next time! :)

Anonymous said...

We did the same thing tonight. We are on a new diet and made tofu chow doesn't that sound scrummy?? NOT!! We each forced our seves to eat a small bowl, then in the disposal the entire rest of the wok went! YUCK!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my last post! It's me...April

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