Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Frogs and Gotcha Toes

I am practicing with my new video cam. I went outside last night and heard the sounds of spring! The FROGS and TOADS are out now!!!! Yippee!!! I love the sounds of frogs chirping at night. So I made this video so you could HEAR it. And for your VISUAL pleasure... my dog Abe is roaming on the patio (and snorting). He's not very flattering in this light! Poor baby! You can barely hear the frogs in the background so crank up your speakers! (oh... and you will need to pause my song on the bottom right sidebar)

Update #1: For some reason I can't watch it...It says "oops no video" So if you can't see it - click here Anyone know any tricks for embedding videos from photobucket? I thought you just had to copy the code and paste it... guess not! (maybe it just takes a while to be able to see it....)
Update #2: I figured it out. For any of you who have photobucket... there are 3 html codes next to each item you upload. One of them says embed which is the one I copied and pasted. That didn't work. But when I watched my video in photobucket - when it finished there was an icon that said "link" so I clicked on that and it gave me a DIFFERENT embed code. I used that one and wah-laa!

And for more viewing pleasure.... my GOTCHA pink toes!!!!!!! yay! Had to paint the toes for this 80 degree heat wave we are having!! (Caution - Please don't click and enlarge this photo. It is scary!)-- [I know someone is going to do that just for kicks]

My MIL called last night to see if it would be ok to schedule their anniversary vacation in October... She didn't want to miss the "homecoming" I sadly had to say "yes" I don't think we will have Mia by October! so sad.


Doris & Dan said...

Love the colour!

We have snow coming...sigh...enjoy the heatwave!

Keep smilin!

Lee-Anne said...

Now don't be like that. You're really not makin me smile, with "not in October". I WANT IT TO BE IN OCTOBER... it's what I've been thinking for a long time now... hopefully CC*AA can prove you wrong?!!!

Nice pink toes, BTW!

C.J. said...

Still can't get the video to work :0(

Hey, I did enlarge the toes...yes, I will do precisely what I am told not to do. From an absolute toe-hater, I must say you are blessed with lovely paws. I did not gag, shreik or begin to cry. Love the pink.

Trixie said...

I have those shoes too! What good taste you have!

Anonymous said...

Lovely color! The shoes are so darling, what are you wearing with them?

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Wow "Gotcha" looks great on your toes! I haven't tried it on my toes yet but I have had it on my nails ans I love it.