Friday, March 16, 2007

Homestudy Update Tomorrow

Plum blossoms' bright colored petals are an exquisite sight in a landscape of snowy white. Because they are the few flowers that bloom in the winter, Chinese cultures associate plum blossoms to virtues such as endurance and perseverance. The plum blossom pattern is especially suitable for tender and gentle girls.

Our Homestudy update is tomorrow. She is coming to the house. This meands that I have to CLEAN! ugh. I admit that I have been putting this task off for a very long time. No one ever comes to our house as all our family lives out of state so it isn't the tidiest right now. I am working off of 3 hours of sleep today because I had a school board meeting last night and didn't get home until 1:00 and didn't really fall asleep until about 2:30. (I know - pity story) Anyway, all I want to do is go home and go to SLEEP! I don't want to spend the whole evening cleaning the house!!! Ugh. This really sucks. Luckily she isn't coming until 1:30 tomorrow. That will give me some more time tomorrow to do some touching up. Anyone else been through this? What is she going to ask us? I am not really stressing about it at all. I just don't want to DO it and be nice to someone I don't even know for an hour.
We got our taxes done. He did a rush job on them so we could have a copy for our homestudy. We are paying this year! Of all years it would be nice to have SOMETHING back.... Hopefully next year we will get a good chunk! That's what that tax credit is for! All the pain, paperwork and annoyingly painful waiting that you do!!!!! There is the possibility though that we won't have Mia in time for next year either! Ho.... God help you all now if that happens! I will be psycho momma from hell if I don't have her before then!!!!!!

Better get going. I have to go clean my house.


Mom-of-5 said...

Don't go crazy cleaning. You could have eaten off our floors but the SW didn't even seem to notice. :)

C.J. said...

Happy updating....I'm sure it will be painless (and the LAST time).

Kramer said...

Good luck on the update! We did ours in Feb and of course she didn't even walk throught the house. I cleaned and cleaned, she could have at least looked around!

Shannon S said...

Love the blossoms! Almost as beautiful as our girls will be! =)