Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Smiles after the Storm

Well I feel a little better after blowing off that steam last night!
I had to share this find with everyone. These dolls are the cutest thing EVER!!! and they aren't that expensive. They have hard plastic head, hands and feet and a soft cloth body. Look at that little boy's face!!!! There are 3 sections. China Babies (first picture), China Girls (second pic) and Kung Fu Kids (3rd pic). There is also a section for Zodiac where the kids have on clothes with the Zodiac emblem on them. They have a boy and a Girl in that section but it is only the Year of the Rooster. But they are very cute too. There are more dolls in each section than what I pictured here. This is the only boy (other than the Rooster boy). There are Kung Fu Girls too. They are so stinking cute!!!!!
Go HERE to see more and buy one for your cutie pie! (I make no money on these! I just found the site and fell in love with these dolls!!!)


Doris & Dan said...

They are terribly cute!

I hope you are feeling better. Venting def. helps.

Just remember it takes all types to make the world go round!

Keep smilin!

amy said...

they are so very cute! I cant wait to read your blog more

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Yup they are adorable! I'm liking the little boy one too!

Valeri said...

How darn cute! And my son is a Rooster!!!

Emmie said...

Those are, indeed, some of the cutest dolls ever!